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Organic Pine Tree Oil 10ml

  • £5.15

Award Winning Alteya Organics Aroma BPA Free Ceres Gluten Free Rose Valley Vegan USDA Organic

Organic Pine Tree essential oil is derived through the process of steam distillation from the Pinus Sylvestris plant. The oil is transparent in colour and is of water viscosity and boasts its characteristic pine fresh aroma.

The Organic Pine Tree essential oil has a stimulating effect on the bodily liquids and their circulation while its warming effect has been known to improve cases of arthritis and rheumatism.

Organic Pine Tree essential oil is appropriate for inhalations as well as for baths. It also neutralises unpleasant odours, activates brain activity and is known to stimulate the immune system. Organic Pine Tree essential oil has very good toning effect and improves microcirculation. The oil combines well with Lavender, Juniper Berry and various other Citrus oils.

*All claims are based upon external clinical, lab and consumer studies done on specific ingredients. All are based on twice-daily use. Results may vary.

Organic Pine Tree Essential oil is not toxic or irritating when used in small doses. However, it should be applied carefully on the skin, especially in large doses as it can lead to allergic reactions. Should be avoided by epileptics, children up to 3 years old and people with individual intolerance to the oil. If you are not sure whether you’re allergic to the oil or not, a skin patch test is recommended.

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