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Our organic beauty shop has been launched for the purpose of providing an easy access to our high-quality cosmetics and personal care products to the eco-conscious people all over the UK.

Here in our organic shop you will discover a variety of products, all of them formulated with outstanding quality certified and organically grown ingredients.

What should everybody know before making a purchase from our organic shop?

All products offered in our organic shop are created in a way which ensures that they are 100% pure, natural and at the same time effective. Guided by the values of safeguarding and protecting nature, our main goal is to offer the most suitable beauty care products for you as well as for your children.

Which bodies have certified the products offered in our organic shop?

A number of organic certification standards exist in the world and one of the strictest ones is USDA NOP. It is precisely this standard which is fundamental for our activity and it covers the vast majority of products in our organic shop. NaTrue and NSF are other organic standards, which cover products under the Alteya brand offered in our organic shop.

Why choose organic shop “Alteya Organics”?

By becoming a customer of organic shop you have the opportunity to receive pure, natural, certified organic and effective products of high quality.

By using the products purchased from our organic shop, you become a direct participant in helping safeguard nature by supporting sustainable development and organic agriculture, which is the main source of raw ingredients for our products.

What exactly is an organic shop?

More and more people nowadays realise the need to achieve balance and harmony and this way is born the idea of a healthy lifestyle including healthy nourishment, movement, self-care products as well as conscious attitude towards nature for the purpose of its sustainability.

An organic shop is the place where we can receive useful information related to a healthy lifestyle or to purchase healthy organic products. An organic shop is the place through which people can take better care of themselves and of nature simultaneously.

An organic shop – the beginning

The first organic shops worldwide started to function in the USA in the 80s. Their purpose was to offer pure, natural locally produced food products. With time the ever-increasing demand for organic allowed the organic shop trend to grow and to offer their clientele a much bigger variety of products such as cosmetics, clothes and cleaning products.

An online organic shop or a physical organic shop?

Each option has its pros and cons. A physical organic shop gives the customer an opportunity to see the products, to touch them or even to test them on the spot. At the same time it requires time and effort to reach a physical location.

The online organic shop on the other hand gives the comfort of shopping from home or from the workplace with the goods being delivered to a desired location. The online organic shop provides a lot of information and pictures of the products.

The choice of an organic shop type is a question of personal preference and the most important thing really is that each customer in a organic shop becomes a participant in consciously safeguarding and protecting nature.