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Become a Creator with Alteya Organics: Where Beauty Meets Sustainability We are a fast-growing, all-organic functional skincare and beauty brand centered around the Bulgarian Rose Otto, the world's rarest and most precious essential oil. Our focus on sustainability is underscored through our fully vertically integrated approach, embodied by our "Farm to Skin" concept. This means we own and operate our ingredient farms (organic rose fields), distillery, labs, and manufacturing facilities. Here's what makes our collaboration special: - Share our authentic process, from organic rose fields to the final touch of luxury on skin, and become a voice for true beauty and purity. - Partner with a brand where every product tells a story of environmental responsibility and sustainable living. - We celebrate your unique voice and creativity, offering the canvas of our organic skincare for you to inspire and engage. Let's create a more beautiful and sustainable world 🌹.

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