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Organic Bulgarian Centifolia Rose Water 240ml - Amber Glass Spray Bottle

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The name of the Centifolia rose comes from Latin and means “a hundred leaves”, which corresponds to the numerous petals the blossom of this kind has.

The Centifolia rose boasts not only with its beautiful blooms, but also with rich and complex aroma. Its scent is sweet with rich honey and jamlike red berry nuances. Sensual and intensely floral, this aroma represents the elegance of eternal femininity. It is not a coincidence that Centifolia rose oil is a very cherished ingredient in many classy perfumes.

Our pure and organic Centifolia Rose Water is made from fresh Centifolia rose blossoms carefully picked by hand early in the morning, when they are still cool from the night and the first rays of sunlight unveil their fragrance.

This rose water gently helps tone, soften and soothe skin. Thanks to its tightening and toning effect, it assists in minimizing the appearance of pores and superficial capillaries.

By delivering a healthy boost of moisture and essential micronutrients, it promotes a dewy complexion and naturally fresh, youthful appearance.


Softening and soothing
Even-looking skin tone
Cooling and balancing
Skin conditioning
Invokes sensuality


Apply gently with a cotton ball onto face and neck, or close eyes and mist after cleansing. Reapply any time of the day to hydrate and refresh skin or to set makeup. Mist over entire body to freshen up any time for a splash of gentle aroma. Massage the roots of washed hair or use as an invigorating hair rinse.


100% pure steam distilled organic centifolia rose flower water

Organic Bulgarian Centifolia Rose Water 240ml - Amber Glass Spray Bottle
Organic Bulgarian Centifolia Rose Water 240ml - Amber Glass Spray Bottle Sale price£12.20

Customer Reviews

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James M.
Fresh faced

Wonderfully cooling and soothing rose water, which also doubles as an aftershave, without irritation. I use this whenever my skin feels parched with the drying effects of indoor heating. It has a very subtle, but calming fragrance.